Dance Dance Revolution

image by robyn grafkin

SEE the epic battle for freedom and equality for the students of Fluoro High!

FEEL the passion of the revolutionaries that dared to stand up to the System!

HEAR the powerful hip-hop and rock that shook Fluoro High to its very core!

BE the director and cast that dared to bring this one of a kind story to the stage!

In the corridors and classrooms of Fluoro High, the student mafia known as the Coalition rules Year 9 with an iron fist. The only law is Complete Obedience, and the only sentence is Total Destruction.

When Sarah Baker arrives at Fluoro High, she’s looking forward to fitting in and making new friends. Instead, she discovers that Year 9 at Fluoro High is a police state run by the all-seeing Coalition. When she accidentally runs afoul of the Coalition’s tame history/hiphop teacher, Sarah is targeted by the mob and forced into a corner. With a desperate band of outsiders, Sarah has no choice but to take a stand against the system. But if she wants to take on the Coalition, Sarah Baker had better be prepared to dance – dance until she’s the last woman standing.

Download Dance Dance Revolution as a Word doc.


Cast size and genders are mostly flexible. This was written for a high school / college production, but could really be performed by any company of any age.


GLENN DRAKE: leader, lover but above all – dancer
TOBY: second-in-command – more than just a yes-man
LUCKY: beat-boxer extraordinaire


SARAH BAKER: a new student from a long way away
GWEN MALKIN: the least popular girl in school
DELLAMORTE: a young fighter who tried too hard


MR CAESAR: history teacher and hip-hop fanatic
MRS ANDRONICUS: Fluoro High’s principal
SARAH’S DAD: an office-worker with one great passion