The Adventures of Boy President

In 2006, we tried to get banned from the National Multicultural Fringe Festival by presenting four episodes of The Adventures of Boy President. Shown over four nights of the Fringe (Feb 10-18 2006), each episode was a half-hour highlight from the first series of the (sadly fictional) hit TV series about the first ever boy to become president of the United States of America.

Described by its writer/director (me) as “gritty, raw and stylish” and “a disturbing and high-impact expose of US politics”, Boy President was described by everyone else as “trash” and “violent, rambling idiocy”.

heroes, aren’t we all? image by frosty


Boy President Pilot Episode
The USA has been hit by a major political crisis, just as Boy President’s immune system is infiltrated by the deadly Anthrax virus! Can the Imperial Chaos Marines shoot the germs out of Boy President’s body with the death ray in time for him to save the nation?
Download Boy President 1: Pilot Episode.doc

The Movie of Boy President
Rogue director Ricochet Jensen is filming a movie about Boy President’s rise to power, featuring the charismatic Richie Rich in the starring role. But will Jensen’s movie faithfully depict the famous debate between Boy President and the Two-Headed Arab?
Download Boy President 2: The Movie of Boy President.doc

Boy President and the Magical Pimp
While walking amongst his people disguised as a commoner, Boy President encounters the charismatic Magical Pimp, and for the first time experiences the act of sexual love.
Download Boy President 3: The Magical Pimp.doc

Boy President saves Christmas
A clip show! Featuring highlights from the season, and live DVD commentary from the show’s original director and the actor who played the original Boy President.


Writer / director: David Finnigan
Producer / King of Boy President: Nick McCorriston

Boy President: Chris Finnigan
Cardinal Usurper: Joel Barcham
Standard Bearer for the Imperial Chaos Marines: David Shaw
Trumpeter for the Imperial Chaos Marines: Michael Bailey
The Voice of Reason: Alison McGregor

featured in Boy President Pilot Episode
Boy President’s Immune System: Max Barker
The Anthrax Virus: Pat Gordon

featured in The Movie of Boy President
Ricochet Jensen: Robbie Matthews
Richie Rich: Sam Burns-Warr
The Two-Headed Arab: Jarrod Emmanuel

featured in Boy President and the Magical Pimp
The Magical Pimp: Hanna Cormick
Rusty Centre: Chris Lloyd
Shock-rock band: Cameron Thomas, Nick McCorriston

featured in Boy President saves Christmas
Former Boy President star Jack Lloyd: Jack Lloyd
Former Boy President director Hadley: Hadley