card game / house party

image by julia jamieson

I don’t know what this is. Part of me is convinced I’m on the path to a new and better way of writing scripts, most of me thinks I’m an idiot. There’s no part of me that thinks this script is anything other than a weird exercise in incomprehensibility, but I have to confess I like it all the same. There are no characters marked, and the story shifts from scene to scene with no breaks. Sometimes scenes overlap, sometimes the characters in one scene start enacting other characters and a scene develops out of that. There are some bits that flow between scenes which sort of half work, and big sections which are just rubbish (sad threesomes jumps to mind).

The stories, so far as I can follow them, include:

  • a group of teenagers at a house party waiting for liquor to be delivered, designing a set of playing cards based on the people in their school year. Every card has a set of statistics and a special skill that represents its real-life counterpart. Each player gets dealt two cards, and combines their two characters to reveal what the outcome of the party will be for them. (the story moves in and around this house party a lot – if there is a linking thread, this is it.)
  • a group of drowned bodies floating in the waves are about to be washed up on the beach – they discuss their prospects and debate the idea that God will be waiting for them.
  • there is a holy pimp, whose religious idealism sits uneasily with his depraved lifestyle.
  • a threesome in a car is interrupted by a camera-crew. One of the participants in the threesome is God, and he escapes being filmed in an incriminating position by travelling back in time with one of his two sex-partners.
  • one of the young party-goers is in the shower after someone vomited on her skirt when God appears. God helps her get dressed and they go out to the party together.


Download card game / house party.doc