I’ve planted a heap more gear in the scripts page. There is now:

Scraps and fragments of script and prose gathered under the loose heading of The North Sea. There are three short plays set up in the northernmost reaches of the North sea, where the humans are at war with heaven. The plays follow a small group of characters in the attempt to find a human soldier who has dropped out of heaven on to a distant iceberg. Not very polished but I’m very happy with it.


I’ve uploaded Saint Paul and the Cigarettes, my incomplete melding of the genre of 1960s Britpop and historical drama based on the early Christian church. Also alongside it is a most curious dream (eight and a half pesos remix), my take on Hadley‘s 2006 play …a most curious dream.


And most epically, I’ve finally begun the uploading of the Vampire Play script. The key reason behind getting this website was being able to build a huge web of interconnecting short scenes and alternate pathways through the brutal undead gang warfare that is Vampire Play. I’m not very far into it but I’m very happy.


Thank you for coming and reading this, whoever you are. Send I an email if you stumble across this site, let me know what is good and what is FAILED. Also if you have a request or wish to contribute to/borrow any of the material here, please feel free – just give me an email and I’m a happy cat.


Ta hipcats-

I’ve just updated the scripts section. The scripts for two produced works (Hate Restaurants and to heat you up and cool you down) are now available in their entirety.

Also: production shots from the 2005 Canberra Youth Theatre season of Hate Restaurants – dig –


While I’m transferring all the content from my old website to this new, slightly less cool looking WordPress site, all the scripts and stories are still online at the old site. Just be warned, I can’t be bothered linking to this new site from the old site, so if you follow either of these links, chances are I’ll never see you again.
Here for my prose writings and illustrated stories.

Here for my collection of short scripts.

Back from South Australia after three weeks touring for Jigsaw Theatre Company and the Come Out Festival. This coming Wednesday (6th June) BKu’s production of Dario Fo’s Accidental Death of an Anarchist opens at Belconnen Theatre as part of the 2007 Wet Season.

In four weeks’ time I’m joining the three other members of Bohemian Productions (Jack, Mick and Mutt) for a trip up to the Gold Coast to perform A Prisoner’s Dilemma as part of CSIRO’s Complex ’07 Complex Systems Conference (July 2-3). We’re also doing a show in Canberra at 3pm on Friday June 29 as part of the seminar series at Gungahlin CSE Complex Systems Laboratory.