Why you do it.

9.56pm on Friday 31 July, somewhere deep in the northern fringes of the Cancers. It’s a solidly superior week, and I’m stoked to be skulking in the skull of David Finig cause he’s a lucky kid. Let me give you a quick rundown:

Tonight I gave a short seminar on playbuilding and devising practice at the opening of the Australian National University Theatre Society’s 24 Hours of Theatre festival. Five teams are creating entirely new plays from scratch over the course of 24 hours during which, I believe, it is forbidden for them to sleep. I’m one of the judges at tomorrow night’s presentation – in the meantime, it’s being monitored through hourly updates on the 24 Hours of Theatre blog. I am utterly onside with the intent and approach of this festival. Word to Duncan Ragg and Andrew McBain for stringing it together, and many thanks for bringing me onboard.

In another age the members of NUTS would have been part of a pitchfork wielding mob; now they make theatre.

Following that, I trampled to the Front Cafe in Lyneham to give a feature set at the Traverse Poetry Slam‘s 3rd birthday celebrations. It was packed with good human beings and good poetry and I did a piece about Hiroshima and another piece containing all the open-mic performances stapled together. Many kinds of fun: word to Jules and Bonnie for making magical things happen every month.

10 Days of AWESOME.

In other news, I am the Assistant Editor for the new 10 Days of Science blog, created as a part of NSW and ACT’s National Science Week. You can roll that way to read a selection of sharp-witted articles on the nature of science, edited by the redoubtable Kate Hennessy.

Goofbang cover image by Arran Mckenna.

And last of all (well, for now) the first issue of Goofbang has been launched! Goofbang is a free digital zine featuring music, writing, video and visual art, curated by the animal who is the enigma who is the artist and polymath Nick McCorriston. Drawing contributions from Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Newcastle artists, Goofbang is an ongoing project, so if you’re interested in contributing, go there.

That’s all for now. There are other projects on the boil: World Interplay in several weeks, the Crack Theatre Festival in early October, the endless (glorious) tail-chasing of funding applications, and somewhere in the middle there are nights like tonight when everything is rad.