Three links posted on Sunday 30 January

Honest Jon from Oceans all boiled into sky. Image by Gills Schwab.

Firstly, I was recently alerted to the existence of my comrade-in-arms Gillian Schwab’s Tumblr. Gills is one of the most dope collaborators I ever have known – we founded and directed the Crack Theatre Festival together, she designed (and more than designed) shows like serious theatre’s Oceans all boiled into sky (2008) and Boho’s True Logic of the Future (2010), and she is a slice of worthwhile in the general past-its-prime squashiness of the nectarine that is the human race. Her Tumblr is a collection of images from her theatre designs and from her sketchbook (which has been filling up with all kinds of twitchy OCD-driven creativity over the summer).

By happy coincidence, I happened upon the blog just in time to catch the backlash to Gills’ most recent post from an irate Roller Derbyer: ‘i’m not exactly sure how democratic organizations that are run exclusively by a most female contingent can be considered exploitative? because we wear fishnets and booty shorts or mini skirts? do you realize that these are worn while performing feats of extreme athleticism and kicking general ass? it’s called IRONY… ugh, people are so ig’nant some times.

Secondly, a shout out to a new comrade-in-arms: Yolande Norris is a Canberra-based visual arts curator and editor of BMA Magazine’s Exhibitionist. As well as being appointed co-director for the 2011-12 Critical Animals festivals as part of This Is Not Art, Yolande is my assistant producer for You Are Here, a new festival I am curating in Canberra from 10-20 March.

Dig on Yolande’s blog, it is replete with all kinds of sass and insight.

Lastly: for reasons I’m not going to look at too deeply, I was profiled in the most recent issue of BMA. I’m afraid my responses to the questions veered somewhat off-track (not enough ‘What are my plans for the future?’, too much ‘Is it true that my mentors include Christian hiphop legend KevinMax of pioneering holy hiphop trio dcTalk?’) but the image is dope – a combination of eerie overhead projector art by Gills and superb photography by ‘pling. Check out the profile here

image by gills schwab and ‘pling.


blind (image by ‘pling) and hadley.

Have you ever wanted to learn HOW TO SEX? This March, two of Canberra’s most celebrated Canberran motivational speakers go back-to-back in serious theatre’s erotically-charged double-bill to TEACH YOU.

Experience the wisdom, compassion and fist-in-the-air empowerment as celebrated spiritual leaders Blind and Hadley cram a lifetime’s worth of sexual know-how into 50 exciting and informative minutes.

Tired of the modern day confusion that surrounds the act of love, director barb barnett and serious theatre have created a Sexual User’s Guide that powerfully affirms the universal human impulse to Get Better At Sex. Whether you’re an old pro or a ‘virgin’, HOW TO SEX will show you the world of intimate congress in a whole new light. Featuring:

Be The Do-It-Yourself Sex Change You Want To See In The World, the uplifting story of Hadley’s female alter-ego Jacinta and an inspirational demonstration of the power of hope and possibility.

This Is Patient Zero: A Christian Guide To Sexual Intimacy, a scripture-infused guide through the clammy maze of carnal union by Blind, one of the country’s foremost youth ministers.

serious theatre’s HOW TO SEX
7-8pm Thursday 3 – Saturday 5 March
The Bally Tent, The Garden of Unearthly Delights
Cnt Est Terrace and Rundall Road, Adelaide
All tickets $10

Book now via the Adelaide Fringe website.