Hudson Mohawke fan fiction

You are concerned to see someone crouched on the ground with their arms wrapped around their legs and headphones on.

– Hi buddy, are you okay?

– Fucking… All hot…

– You’re what? You’re all hot?

– Hudson Mohawke. Oh shit.

– My god, you’re shivering. I’m calling a doctor. Can you stand up? You’re shaking.

– No, Hudson Mohawke! Mohawke! All hot!

– I don’t know what you’re saying.

– Come here. Come here. Look in my eyes. Don’t call the doctor. This. Put on this.

– This is a walkman? You want me to put the headphones on?

– Press play. It’s Hudson Mohawke. The song is called Allhot. Press play. Press play.

HUDMO. His website is here.