What I have been doing recently

A quick update on my general whereabouts and current activities, just in case anyone’s curious. Since early June I’ve been in the UK, working in London on a few different projects.

The outer edifice of the Battersea Arts Centre, in Battersea.

I’ve been completing a secondment as an independent producer at Battersea Arts Centre. Based in an old town hall in the heart of Battersea, BAC’s mission is ‘to invent the future of theatre’ and the organisation is renowned for making some of the most cutting-edge new theatre in the UK. In July, I traveled to the Latitude Festival as part of BAC’s producing team to present several BAC-affiliated shows, including subject to _change‘s Cupid and Coney‘s The Loveliness Principle. In August, I worked with BAC’s Take Out team again at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, helping manage a showcase of nine BAC productions as part of the British Council Showcase in former-veterinary-school-and-brand-new-arts-venue Summerhall.

Formerly the dissection room, now the Dissection Room bar, at Summerhall in Edinburgh.

I’ve also been doing some work with Coney, London-based agency of adventure and play. Coney creates a wide variety of not-easily-categorised activity, but the projects I’ve been involved with have included The Loveliness Principle, A Small Town Anywhere, and a new commissioned event for the Free Word Centre (more on this soon).

More recently, I’ve been digging into my work at the University College London Environment Institute. I’m undertaking a creative research residency to explore the process of creating and implementing scientific models – everything from predictive climate simulations to participatory decision-making scenario-builders. With input from a range of scientists (including the Institute’s director Dr Yvonne Rydin), I’m also examining the Institute’s interdisciplinary research into Healthy Cities and the urban environment over the next 90 years. Supported through the N.E.D. Foundation, this research is the first phase of a new performance work, which will be developed and produced over 2012-13.

In other news, I’m heading to Turkey next month to take part in the European Festivals Association’s Atelier for Young Festival Managers, taking place in Izmir. In November, I’ll be heading to the Philippines, along with fellow playwrights Sam Burns-Warr, Georgie McAuley and Jordan Prosser, to workshop and develop the script for Battalia Royale, Sipat Lawin‘s upcoming theatrical adaptation of Koushun Takami’s Battle Royale.

I think that’s all. Is that okay?