breaking ground here to point to a couple of upcoming things

So, while I’m flooding full of all sorts things, I thought I’d just check in on this spread of internettery to let you know where I have been active.

christmas lane at you are here. image by rohan thomson.

First of all, the You Are Here festival, now only FOUR WEEKS AWAY, which is eating up every second of my life and I’m not even at all upset. The program’s now online, sink your teeth into it, and especially into my secret excitement highlight events:

David’s secret You Are Here festival pick 1
David’s secret You Are Here festival pick 2

Also, here is me talking about the gRage series, which is perhaps the coolest bit of curating I’ve ever done or will ever do.

dead dj joke at you are here. image by adam thomas.

Aside from that, I’m delighted to say that our man Sam Burns-Warr just edited together a clip of highlights from the Battersea Arts Centre performance of Modelling Play. So if you want to see what exactly we were doing in London all those months, in 3 minutes with no talking, now’s yr chance.

modelling play!

Other arts stuff: MKA are producing 22 Short Plays at the Adelaide Fringe in a few weeks as part of the package of shows they’re touring there.

I’m performing on stage at the Front Cafe on Thursday 7 March as the weak/wonky leg of a high-powered Poetry Tripod alongside national slam champions CJ Bowerbird and Omar Musa. The gig is the launch of CJ’s new full-length spoken-word performance, which he will subsequently take on tour to the Ubud Festival and around China. Pretty exciting, and I am pretty feckin honoured to be one of the invited support acts.

all about tayswi. image by adam thomas.

Lastly, if you’re at the You Are Here festival and you’d like to see me perform (as well as frantically scramble around tearing my hair out over bin deliveries and AWOL artists), Hadley, Jess Bellamy and I are rounding off our trilogy of terrible Disney-inspired spoken word events with a show entitled YOU ARE HERE VS TEEN MAKEOUTS – roll to Lonsdale Street Roasters at 5.30pm on Friday 15 March if you have no sense of propriety and you want to hear Taylor Swift get honoured, critiqued and lambasted all in one frenetic burst.