Quick life and art update on 9 July 2017

This is a very simple blog post, a surfacing just to say that I’ve been working, but not on anything that deserves much mention here.

I’ve been in London, more or less continually since I last wrote, and working as close to a 9-5 job as I’ve ever worked, as Associate-in-Residence for Coney. What that means, in practice, is two things:

I’m working on a line of new systems games – scenarios and activities to take into businesses (and schools) which illustrate different aspects of complex problems and decision-making. I’ve made a couple of rough prototypes, they’re at an early scratch stage, I think it’s going well…?

pic from a scratch of one of these new systems games

Alongside with these few games that I’m researching and building, I’m also working on a cluster of small commissions for Coney – small partner organisations who want games made for particular events, for particular audiences… They’re not huge projects but there are lots of them.

Between them, that’s been most of my output over May – June – July. So I have that sense of nervousness / frustration that comes from not having written anything real for a few months. But then, that sensation is really my normal headspace. My writing practice is so patchy, in all honesty (and I can say that now having spent so much time with realler writers who work in a consistent flow and who write no matter what the season), that I can’t ever complain about circumstances keeping me from writing.

I have a few notepad files full of notes, a cluster of quotes about sea level rise and the Bassian plain, a plan for a work entitled Are You Ready To Take The Law Into Your Own Hands?, and that’ll do for the moment.

In other news, Griffin Theatre awarded Kill Climate Deniers their 2017 playwriting award, which is just so lovely of them. I’m glad I’m glad I’m glad I’m glad I’m glad I’m glad.

And lastly, these are short videos I made sitting in my room in Stratford. The first is my favourite, as ridiculous as it is, the first is a little snippet of Anne Boyer and some reggaeton.