This page is where I’ve gathered a lot of the specifically audio work I’ve done – music, spoken word, radio plays, etc.

Too Many Weapons – Kids Killing Kids

In 2011, myself and Sam Burns-Warr, Jordan Prosser and Georgie McAuley (aka writing collective Too Many Weapons) headed to Manila to adapt Koushon Takami’s Battle Royale novel to the stage for Sipat Lawin Ensemble. Sipat’s Battalia Royale was an unexpected hit, a hugely successful production that got way bigger than anyone planned, and soon got a little… out of hand. We subsequently produced a theatre show documenting the experience (Kids Killing Kids, later A Wake: Kids Killing Kids with Sipat), and this is ABC Radio National’s podcast exploring the event.

Reuben Ingall & David Finnigan – Kill Climate Deniers

In 2016, musician/producer Reuben Ingall and I collaborated to turn my playscript Kill Climate Deniers into an audio work – a radio play, a dance party, a walking tour of Parliament House, and most spectacularly, a brand new LP of original club bangers in the vein of classic House and Techno circa 1988-93. The album was released through Clan Analogue – you can buy it there, or stream it on Spotify or Bandcamp.

The Munich EP

In 2018, Jordan Prosser and I recorded a short EP of spoken word in Munich, featuring music by Fossil Rabbit.

The Palawan EPs

In 2015, Jordan Prosser and I took off to the island of Palawan in the Philippines, after a fairly hectic month at Sipat Lawin’s Karnabal Festival, and created two EPs of spoken word, including field recordings from the island.

Finnigan and Brother

finniganandbrother05 copyimage by adam thomas

Musical collaborator and sibling Chris Finnigan and myself comprise the two halves of Finnigan and Brother. Since 2007 we have purveyed a peaceful blend of Chris’ guitar, loops and FX and my overhead projector, radio and vocals. Download tunes, check out videos and read the full story here at this URL.

Video for Move to Canberra directed and edited by Jordan Prosser and Sam Burns-Warr.

Our 2012 album Finnigan and Brother Spend a Month in Colombia:

In 2012, Chris and David Finnigan spent a month as resident artists at the Campos de Gutierrez artist space in Medellin, Colombia, writing and performing a new album of music and spoken word.

FINNIGAN AND BROTHER SPEND A MONTH IN COLOMBIA was recorded upon their return to Australia at RMIT Studios in Melbourne, produced and mixed by Nick McCorriston.

Album art by Marian Tubbs (with massive thanks to Yolande Norris for curating it!).

This record goes out with mad thanks to Andres Monzon, our curator and guide during our Colombia trip, and all the other artists and makers we worked with in Medellin. Much love to Hannah Martin, Amara Abdul Figueroa, Rita Elizalde-Crocker, Gustavo Gil, all the Fulbright cats, Marlon, Paco, Lola and Aureliano. Peeps is rad peeps.

For more about Campos check out

anyway the crashing pipes
the cold silence in the car
and you think

Recorded live at Smiths Alternative (June 2013) by Shane Parsons.

Recorded live at Smiths Alternative (June 2013) by Shane Parsons.

Psychic Radio was written in Medellin, Colombia, following conversations with Campos de Gutierrez curator Andres Monzon.

The full tale behind the Psychic Radio EP is to be found on ye Finnigan and Brother tumblr, for those who like context.

A live recording of our Spin Doctors cover / tribute, taken from a gig at Bad Slam No Biscuit in September 2012.

None other than Reuben Ingall aka DEAD DJ JOKE takes to Finnigan and Brother’s whatdoyoucallit single? our single? And gives it a little bit of everything good.



Diplodocus is Chris Finnigan (guitars, FX, loops), Paul Heslin (processing, beats) and this Finig myself (words, FM/AM radio).

In which Paul, Chris and David concoct a tangled blast of fuzzed gritty guitar loops, dense spiky percussion, elegantly frayed glitch textures, wired-together images and decayed 20th century parables. First Handshake in Space was recorded in 2008 and assembled by Paul over 2009, with love and care.

Written by Chris Finnigan (guitar, loops/FX), Paul Heslin (beats, processing) and David Finnigan (AM/FM radio, words). Produced and mixed by Paul Heslin. Cover art by Bethany Heslin.

The first Diplodocus EP tracks Chris, David and Paul’s early collaborations, recorded in November 2008.

Featuring unhurried psych guitar-loops, restless clattering percussion, AM/FM radio static jams, vocal bursts sampled from an early-90s point-and-click adventure game, an extract from ecologist Roger Bradbury’s 2007 paper ‘Event Horizon for Democracy’ asking whether ideas can go extinct, and the Diplodocus theme song.

Written by Chris Finnigan (guitar, loops/FX), Paul Heslin (beats, processing) and David Finnigan (AM/FM radio, words). Produced and mixed by Paul Heslin.


Paul Heslin and blind

Recordings with Paul Heslin include Shark Egg (2012):

I Am Called Charlie (2010):


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