On this page, a collection of footage of some projects, performances, poems, what have you.

Peak District EP
In 2017, Jordan Prosser and I headed to the Peak District in the UK to record an EP of video poems. These 14 pieces were recorded on the moors and gritstone boulders of Kinder Scout and Kinder Downfall, and they’re… well, a lot of them are about death, honestly. One of those weekends.

I’ve included two of my favourites here, but you can see the whole selection at


Foreignoy Audition
With the One-Take-Wonder-Girls (aka the Sipat Lawin Ensemble), I put together this one-take mash-up of Filipino poetry, folk music and Pinoy pop in an effort to win myself a spot on GMA’s Foreignoy reality TV show. Of course, there’s something questionable about auditioning for a show that no longer exists, so maybe it’s closer to how Carlos Celdran described it, as ‘an artistic intervention’. Either way, it’s a total sugar-rush of Pinoy pop culture, and I’m really proud of it. Dig.

It’s a Free Concert From Now On (April 2015)
A poem recorded as part of Everything is Everywhere’s sonnets series on the island of Camiguin in the southern Philippines.

Rain in Melbourne on a Saturday night (June 2016)
city’ll fix it.


Since 2012, Too Many Weapons (myself, Sam Burns-Warr, Georgie McAuley and Jordan Prosser) have been recording a series of video spoken-word performances wherever we’ve been on tour. The whole series is available here, with something like 30 entries at last count (including guest appearances by our friends and lovers). Mad shout out to Sam Burns-Warr in particular here, for editing each and every one of these. I’m gonna selfishly feature only mine here, in order of newest to oldest.

25 Second Rap (Grampians Edition, May 2016)

Better Off Better Off Better Off (Melbourne Docklands Edition, April 2015)

You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Be My Girl (Penrith X, October 2013)

Song For Baby-O, Unborn (After Diane DiPrima) (Quezon City, August 2013)

You Just Walked Out In The Street (Penrith, May 2013)

Platypus (Rizal Fountain, Manila, September 2012)


Since 2006, the science-theatre ensemble of myself, Mick Bailey, Jack Lloyd and David Shaw has produced an array of interactive science-based performances. Some samples from that era:

Best Festival Ever: How To Manage A Disaster
Video from the 2014 season at the Battersea Arts Centre in London.

True Logic of the Future
Highlights from Boho’s 2010 production at the Belconnen Arts Centre.

Food for the Great Hungers
Highlights from Boho’s 2009 production at Manning Clark House in Canberra.

London Laser talk (February 2014)
I gave a presentation at the first London Laser event at Saint Martins College in London, talking about Boho’s practice and the Best Festival Ever systems-science project in particular.


Lots more Finn&Bro musical stuff on our Bandcamp, but our music videos and live performances are here:

Finnigan and Brother – Move To Canberra
Video here directed and edited by Jordan Prosser and Sam Burns-Warr.

Finnigan and Brother – Hey Kid606, Remix This
Directed and filmed by Shane Parsons.

Finnigan and Brother – Anyone Can Play A Christian Music Festival
Live at Smiths Alternative in Canberra in 2013, filmed and edited by Shane Parsons.

Finnigan and Brother – Crashing Pipes
Live at Smiths Alternative in Canberra in 2013, filmed and edited by Shane Parsons.


Alongside Jess Bellamy and Hadley, I’ve done a series of performances addressing the crucial issue of teen pop culture, Selena Gomez films, defending Justin Bieber’s career, and so forth. A little sample, filmed with great kindness by Erica Hurrell and Shane Parsons.

You Are Here vs Teen Makeouts
From the 2013 You Are Here Festival, inviting the audience to buy an 8 year old to turn into a teen pop icon.

Tokyo Tween Knife Brawl
At the 2012 You Are Here Festival, chatting about Selena Gomez’s sadly underwhelming film Monte Carlo.


Strange Pilgrims
Sipat Lawin run a performance event called Strange Pilgrims, and in 2011 I took part (along with the other Too Many Weapons members), doing a mash-up of a few odd snippets. Thanks to Sam Burns-Warr for the filming here.


Australian Poetry Slam finals 2008
My performance at the finals of the first Australian National Poetry Slam something, the Opera House in 2008.