my scriptwriting journey

It’s Tuesday somewhere in the early stages of August 2009. Tomorrow I’m about to bustle to Cairns for a fortnight as a playwright delegate in the World Interplay festival. Following that, I’m working on a new script for the Street Theatre to be produced as part of a double-bill this October (more info as I get it). In terms of my playwriting, things are going really well (suspiciously well). So at this stage, I’d like to reflect back on where it all started, by digging up one of my earliest works. I don’t have much archived from my High School days, but this fragment from when I was 14-15 (with longtime collaborator Jackal Lloyd and myself subtly inserted into the narrative) stands up pretty well against anything I’ve written in the last nine years.

children + petrol stations = drama!

A petrol station. David “Handsome” Finnigan stands with his sidekick Jack “Wildboy” Lloyd.

Handsome: Sure does feel great to plug some juice into the old beast, don’t it?

Wildboy: You got that right, Handsome! Hey, whaddaya reckon we pick up some snacks to refuel us as well?

Handsome: Sounds great, I – Hey, what’s that?

Wildboy: Where?

Handsome: Over there, by that fuel pump, where that man is filling his car with petrol. See the naked toddler at his feet?

Wildboy: That naked toddler is smoking a cigarette! HEY! Man! Your kid’s smoking a cigarette!

Man: And?

Handsome:  Are you cracked? This is a petrol station!

Man: Look, he’s gonna start sooner or later, and I’d rather he did it where I can see him instead of experimenting with some sleazy-

Wildboy: You dumb fool! There’s petrol on the ground!

Man: What, you think it’s gonna blow up? That’s just an old wives tale.

Handsome: No don’t put the cigarette out on the ground!

Man: You guys are just jealous.