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95 Years or Less

Harapan is a rainforest in Sumatra, Indonesia, the size of Greater London.

Despite being logged for decades it is one of the most biodiverse forests on the planet. In 2008 a group of NGO’s was granted permission by the Indonesian government to manage the forest for 95 years. Their mission is to restore and protect the land – and to make it profitable – in a sustainable way.

95 Years or Less is a game about Living Systems, which explores the complex environmental and social challenges in the Harapan region. Can you protect the forest’s tigers, insects, trees, fish and bearded pigs without costing the local people their livelihoods? Can you do it in the face of logging encroachment and international timber shortages? Can you do it before the clock hits 2103 and your 95 years run out?

95 Years of Less has been developed as an introduction to Living systems approaches for the School of System Change by Coney, for Forum for the Future. It is a table-top game designed to be played by a group of 10-25 people.

David Finnigan Artist
Nikki Kennedy Artist
Toby Peach Artist
Ben Jones Designer
Natalie Adams Producer