The Seventh Assessment

An 8-hour theatrical adaptation of the IPCC Seventh Assessment report on the state of the climate, staged as a dance party.

Geoengineering games

A series of games exploring the challenges and trade-offs of geoengineering projects.

Future for Beginners

The Future for Beginners

A fast-paced interactive simulation in which players must produce a major cultural event in the face of an approaching typhoon.

Deep History

How 75 hours in modern Australia came to collide with an epic sweep of history

Scenes from the Climate Era

A mosaic of snapshot scenes capturing life in the midst of planetary transformation.

You’re Safe

A cycle of six shows exploring the transformation of our planet.

44 Sex Acts In One Week

An apocalyptic romantic comedy following a lifestyle blogger’s attempt to review an epic new sex guide in one week.

Kill Climate Deniers

An action movie wrapped in a TED talk following an eco-terrorist takeover of Parliament House during a Fleetwood Mac concert.

The Pledge: Net Zero in 60 Minutes

A game exploring the impact of climate change on the finance sector.

Are You Ready To Take The Law Into Your Own Hands?

A guns-blazing adventure through the Philippines, combining action, dance and a barrage of iconic Filipino pop music.

Break Into The Aquarium

A show about the future of nature for everyone who’s ever dreamed of pulling off a heist on a major tourist attraction.


A Pinoy pop song mash-up for Filipino TV segment ‘You’re My Foreignoy’.

Get The Kids And Run

A Boho game about managing a small town in the lead up to a volcano or typhoon crisis.

Thinking Bigly

With Ben Yeoh. An anti-TED talk about sustainability and how you, finance and policy can be part of the solution.

CrimeForce: LoveTeam

A gritty interactive police procedural set in 2050 exploring the future of pop music and the criminal justice system.

Kids Killing Kids

A documentary theatre exploration of Filipino culture and the nature of onstage violence.


A performance workshop in which audiences create an original documentary about their ideal society.

95 Years or Less

Interactive performance / workshop. Players try to restore an Indonesian rainforest over 95 years.