David creates work focusing on climate and earth science, that looks at planetary transformations and global change. He works regularly in Australia, the UK and the Philippines.

His practice includes:

  • Performing shows, solo or with collaborators, for venues including the Sydney Opera House, the World Bank Understanding Risk Forum, ArtScience Singapore and Nesta’s FutureFest.
  • Giving talks at conferences and universities including the European Geosciences Union, and TippingPoint Water Futures.
  • Making games, solo or as a member of Boho and Coney, for research institutions and cultural institutions including University College London, Earth Observatory Singapore and the London Natural History Museum.
  • Running workshops for businesses and students.
  • Creating video and audio work, for ABC Radio National and Clan Analogue.
  • Writing essays, for publications including Rhizome and the Futures Centre.

If you want to chat, feel free to reach out to davidfinnigan10 at yahoo dot com

Image by Jordan Prosser.