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Thinking Bigly

Thinking Bigly: A Guide to Saving the World. A theatre performance-talk about sustainability and how you, finance and policy can be part of the solution. What reasons do we have to be hopeful in the current crisis moment?

Ben Yeoh and David Finnigan give a theatre performance talk, in conversation an active audience. Shape our story through interactive games and learn about solutions to the world’s climate and sustainability challenges.

Bigly is an anti-TED talk. Think you know the colour pink, koalas and interest rates? Find out why second order thinking plus cultural changes should give you hope on climate. The world is better than in the past; the world is still awful. We can do better. (What is a performance lecture?)

Booking free for education and thought-leadership events.

Review of virtual performance by PlaysTheThing

More info at Ben Yeoh’s website.