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You’re Safe Til 2024

Image by Leanne Dixon

You’re Safe Til 2024 is a six-year project about planetary transformation.

Playwright David Finnigan and musician Reuben Ingall are creating six new shows, one each year, from 2019 to 2024.

Each show looks at a different aspect of the massive changes taking place on our planet.

  • 2019: Pilot episode
  • 2020: Deep History


In 2019, David interviewed 30 different scientists and asked each of them one question: What’s the biggest change happening in the world today?

The stories the scientists told were a mix of the surprising, the scary and the beautiful.

Scorched sand from Australian nuclear tests, million year ice cores, feathers from a goose that has been through a plane engine, and many more.

David and Reuben weave these stories together to create a snapshot of the planet, a behind-the-scenes tour of the strange ways humans are remaking the earth. A live documentary told in stories, beats and sounds.

The show launched at the Griffin Theatre in 2019, before touring to the Sydney Opera House, Straits Clan Singapore, the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Bunjil Place Melbourne and the Pleasance Edinburgh.

Check the review in the Guardian here.

Pic by Bryony Jackson


The second show in the series, Deep History looks at seven key turning points in the history of humanity – from the Toba Supervolcano eruption during the last ice age, which nearly drove humanity extinct, the death of the last Neanderthal, all the way to the first nuclear tests in the 1940s.

That deep time story is placed against the story of an Australian family during the 2020 summer bushfires.

75,000 years of human history is placed against 75 hours of escalating danger over new year’s eve on the south coast of New South Wales.

How has our history led us to this moment of crisis? And where do we go from here?

Pic by Sarah Walker

Musician Reuben Ingall and writer David Finnigan hail from Canberra, Australia.

They previously collaborated on Kill Climate Deniers: dance party, stage play, club music album and walking tour of Parliament House.

David Finnigan is a playwright and theatre artist. He works with research scientists to create theatre about climate and systems change.

Reuben Ingall makes hi-tech lo-fi music, algorithmically mangling his guitar, voice and other sources to create lush soundscapes and lonely drone.