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I’m a writer and theatre-maker from Canberra, Australia.

I write plays, create performances and games that often sit at the intersection of science and art. I work a lot with research scientists to produce work looking at complexity and earth systems science.

I’m a Churchill Fellow (2012), an Australia Council Early Career Fellow (2014-16) and winner of the 2017 Griffin Playwrights Award.

I’m a member of Australian science-theatre ensemble Boho, and an associate of Coney (UK) and the Sipat Lawin Ensemble (Philippines).


Kill Climate Deniers

The story of a group of eco-terrorists who take over Australia’s Parliament House during a Fleetwood Mac concert demanding an immediate end to climate change. The playscript won the 2017 Griffin Playwrights Award, and it has been adapted into an ebook, a walking tour, a dance party, and an album of classic early-90s club bangers (by Reuben Ingall) released through Clan Analogue.

Best Festival Ever: How To Manage A Disaster
Boho’s showcase interactive work that explores complex systems science and resilience thinking by placing audiences in charge of running their own music festival. Since 2014, BFE has been presented for businesses, science conferences, research institutions and theatres around Australia, the UK and Sweden.

CrimeForce: LoveTeam
In the future, everyone will murder a boy band member. Developed with Jordan Prosser using the tools of Futures Studies and scenario thinking, CrimeForce is police procedural set in the year 2050, following the murder of teen pop icon Kevin LoveTeam. The story takes place in four different futures – the characters are the same, the crime is the same, but in each scenario, the world of 2050 is very different. Working together, the audience must make decisions in the present day to ensure we end up in that future.

44 Sex Acts In One Week

A new performance work created with photographer Sarah Walker and director Anthea Williams. Lifestyle blogger Celina Valderrama is given the job of reviewing new book ‘The 44 Sex Acts You Must Try Before You Die’. In one week, Celina must try all 44 sex acts – but the only person she can convince to take part in this project is her arch-nemesis, the blog’s photographer Alab Delusa. Over the course of a sex-laden week, will the friction between the two turn into something more?


In 2015, I auditioned for GMA Network’s hit reality show Are You My Foreignoy, the Filipino TV segment for foreigners to prove that they have ‘the heart of a Pinoy’. My audition video / Pinoy pop-song mash-up (created with Sipat Lawin) was part of my ongoing project to explore the world of Filipino TV.


Gobyerno (Government) is a participatory performance workshop created by the Sipat Lawin Ensemble, in collaboration with Brandon Relucio and myself. Participants come together to create their own ideal government through a series of conversations, and then bring that government to life by creating their own documentary, in the space of two hours. Since 2015, Gobyerno has been presented in Seoul, Darwin, Tokyo, Manila, Castlemaine, the Gold Coast and Yokohama.

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Much of the activity on this website happens in the blog – check there to see what’s new and upcoming, or for my reflections on the creative process / the oddball international arts / science community.

Most of my playscripts are available on this website to download – and are free to stage. Check out the Scripts page, and drop me a line if you’re interested in producing one.

You can find some of my performance work on the Sounds and Video pages.

The Writings page includes links to some of my published essays and writings, as well as a few of my more popular blog posts.

If you have a proposal for me that might make my life more interesting, feel free to get in touch.


 pic by jordan prosser