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I’m a writer and theatre-maker from Canberra, Australia.

I write plays, create performances and develop games at the intersection of science and art.

I’m a Churchill Fellow (2012), an Australia Council Early Career Fellow (2014-16) and winner of the 2017 Griffin Playwrights Award.

I’m a member of Australian science-theatre ensemble Boho, and an associate of Coney (UK) and the Sipat Lawin Ensemble (Philippines).


Kill Climate Deniers – Playscript, solo show, album (with Reuben Ingall) and walking tour. What happens when the unstoppable force of climate change meets the immovable object of Australian politics?

CrimeForce: LoveTeam – In the future, everyone will murder a boy band member. Interactive performance using the tools of Futures Studies and scenario thinking to explore the future of pop music and criminal justice. Created with Jordan Prosser.

Are You Ready To Take The Law Into Your Own Hands? – A high-octane Filipino pop musical about a group of fans on a mission to save their idol. Created with the Sipat Lawin Ensemble.

44 Sex Acts In One Week – A rom com playscript. A writer and photographer at a lifestyle blog are tasked with trying 44 different kinds of sex in one week.

You’re Safe Til 2024 – Solo show. Over the last year, I’ve invited scientists to select a series of objects illustrating the changes happening to the planet today. This is a showcase of the objects they’ve chosen and the stories they’ve told. 

Get The Kids And Run – Interactive games / workshop. Players take on the role of managing a small town in the lead up to a volcano or typhoon crisis. Created with Boho for the Earth Observatory Singapore.

Sex Play – A performance about the ethics of intimacy. Created with Anthea Williams and Sarah Walker.

Finance System games – A set of games exploring the impact of climate change on the finance sector. Created with Coney.

Best Festival Ever: How To Manage A Disaster – Interactive performance. Audiences explore concepts from complex systems science and resilience thinking through managing their own music festival. Created with Boho.

The Future of Nature – Interactive solo show for conference audiences using futures scenarios to examine the future of nature documentaries. Created for Nesta.

Gobyerno (Government) – Interactive performance / workshop. Over two hours, audiences create an original documentary about their ideal society. Created with the Sipat Lawin Ensemble.

95 Years or Less – Interactive performance / workshop. Audiences explore the challenges facing an NGO trying to restore an Indonesian rainforest over 95 years. Created with Coney / Boho for Forum for the Future.

Kids Killing Kids – Documentary theatre performance. Follows the making of and backlash to Sipat Lawin’s 2012 production of Battalia Royale project in the Philippines. Created with Too Many Weapons and the Sipat Lawin Ensemble.

End Science Now – Playscript. A globe-trotting spy thriller about a group of renegades who go undercover to bring down the study of science worldwide.

Foreignoy – Performance. My Pinoy pop song mash-up for Filipino TV segment ‘You’re My Foreignoy’. Created with Sipat Lawin.

 image by sarah walker

Much of the activity on this website happens in the blog – check there to see what’s new and upcoming, or for my reflections on the creative process / the oddball international arts / science community.

Most of my playscripts are available on this website to download – and are free to stage. Check out the Scripts page, and drop me a line if you’re interested in producing one.

You can find some of my performance work on the Sounds and Video pages.

The Writings page includes links to some of my published essays and writings, as well as a few of my more popular blog posts.

If you have a proposal for me that might make my life more interesting, feel free to get in touch.


 pic by jordan prosser