Few people know that long ago, this land was not ruled by people. Long before the first caveman ever stepped out of his cave, the planet earth was commanded by a mighty race of giant animaloids. Their names have passed into the history books alongside Christopher Columbus, Julius Caesar and Bonnie and Clyde; names such as Diprotodon, Sauropholus, Struthiomimus and Muttaburrasaurus. They were the first life forms, and they straddled the earth from its very birth. They… were the dinosaurs.

image by frosty

The DINOSAUR CONCEPT ALBUM features a series of collaborations between myself and more than 55 musicians from Buenos Aires, Salamanca, Athens, Madrid and Buenos Aires. With this record, I aim to bring back the great love and respect that we all once had for dinosaurs – a proper acknowledgment that the dinosaurs ruled the earth for more than 800 weeks before they were put to death, in one of the most shocking executions that the Great Hangman* has ever carried out. Every track highlights a different dinosaur, exploring facets of the great amphibians that are frequently ignored in more ‘mainstream‘ releases.


More than 30,000 tracks have been produced so far, comprising an astonishing 104 days’ worth of back-to-back dinosaur songs, stored on computers and data-disks spread across 119 square kilometres of Fijian soil. Some of the most iconic tracks have already developed cult followings in Fijian discotheques and churches, while others have been denounced by martial artists spokespersons for disparaging unarmed combat. What follows here is a collection (a sampler, if you will), of the cream of the album – free to download, to guzzle up and absorb into your every ragged pore:

Download blind and friends – Dinosaur Concept Album:

01. blind and jack lloyd – dinosaurs are vertebrates.mp3 (3mb)
02. blind and grahame thompson – pachycephalosaurus.mp3 (1.9mb)
03. blind and reuben ingall – protoceratops.mp3 (3.1mb)
04. blind and transmissions – dimetrodon.mp3 (6.2mb)
05. blind and alison mcgregor – pterodactyl porn.mp3 (4mb)
06. blind and paul heslin – styracosaurus.mp3 (4.1mb)
07. blind and jack lloyd – the future of dinosaurs.mp3 (4mb)
08. blind and linton and felicity hartfield – anklesaurus.mp3 (3mb)

image by frosty