Due to the vaguaries of what can only be described as MAGIC, myself and the other three soldiers of Bohemian Productions have wound up in the Gold Coast in a 5 star hotel entitled THE MARRIOTT RESORT with 2.5 acres of rock grottos and swimming pools and spas. We are here as part of the Australasian Complex ’07 Conference, the eighth in a series of complex systems conferences held in Australia and Japan. Bohemian’s show A Prisoner’s Dilemma is providing the social component of this conference, which is a fairly high-flying gig.

Last Friday we presented the show in Canberra at the CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems Laboratory, as part of their Friday seminar series. It was our first chance trying out some of the new material, including a re-tooled version of Abbot, the scene based around two groups of criminals bribing their way into a monastery. The performance seemed to go well, and the scientists (unsurprisingly) were one of the best audiences we’ve had in terms of game-playing.

Also on Saturday I gathered with seven other madmen, including two guitarists, a keyboardist, a bass player, a chef and a special effects guru, to embark upon a performance/music/delicious food project which will bear its ugly fruit this August and September. The collective has no name, but Nickamc has put some preliminary records of the event on his and Reuben’s myspace page, static.sound.silence. Dig.