site update, 21 July 2007

I’ve uploaded a grand swag of new material, all of it in tiny bite-sized chunks so as not to scare anyone away with inhuman expectations that you’ll read all of it. Or much of it. But you could burn my tiny little world down if you did me the honour of reading any of it.

I’ve added several new segments to vnampqir, the twisting and stumbling online incarnation of my 2004 script Vampire Play. The story now encompasses the Vampire Gang’s awesome ambush and Manson and Karen’s game of go.

Also I’ve planted a dose of short scripts and quick pieces on the scripts page, including one of my latest pieces – bodies in the waves, intended as a sort of sequel / companion piece for Weasel and Brown on the beach.

And lastly, I have uploaded a coat made of eyes and some short poems from 2003 to the writings page. I found them a little while ago and I don’t know why, but I really like them. Something about a solar system held together by old threads of wire… I’m not sure. But dig!

As always, any thoughts or comments or additions or offers to enlarge my already considerable package, write to blind_dragonfly at uymail dot com.