crack theatre festival quick check-in

The Crack Theatre Festival – the first ever – is over. I’m still a little shell-shocked about it, but really happy and proud of us as well. It was huge – 9 panels, 7 workshops, and 14 separate performances, ranging from the simple and straightforward (and beautiful – thank you Anna Barnes for Revelation or Bust) to the incomprehensibly massive and unmanageable. But we managed. Many billions of thanks to our volunteers – Lina, Pete, Hanna, Nickamc, Clappers, Max, all the others who threw in – thanks in a whole different sense of the word to our Tech Coordinator Anthony, and beyond thanks – high fucking fives – to my co-director Gillian Schwab.

image by Holly Orkin, from her site.

Also, holy shit we had lovely artists. There were more than 60 of them, all up, spread across panels and workshops and performances. I didn’t meet them all, but every time I encountered one they would be sweet, helpful, calm and understanding. Everyone rolled with all the punches they got thrown, which I admire and am stoked about. And on top of that, none of them got any support – not even a few dollars towards the cost of lunch, or a free tank of petrol – but they coughed up and kept going without a word of begrudgery.

Also our audiences were incredible. Large. This Is Not Art had record attendance this year across the whole festival, but even so, we weren’t expecting the new festival to join the ranks to have people rocking up in droves every day. We had to turn people away on several occasions.

image by Holly Orkin, from her site.

So Crack ran for 4 nights. The cops shut us down on two of those nights, which I think is a good start, but I believe we can do better next year. Oh, next year – no, next year, no. No. Can’t get my head around that one quite yet. So it’s a little more hiding out from the world, I’m afraid. I’ll be back online soon to map out my next few months – or try to, anyway.