Break Into The Aquarium

For everyone who’s ever dreamed of pulling off a heist on a major tourist attraction.

For this project, I worked with biologists, zookeepers and activists to plan a large-scale raid on a high-profile aquarium.

In 60 minutes, we’ll map out the detailed logistics for this once-in-a-lifetime animal heist. At the end of it, you’ll be fully equipped to carry out your own high-risk guerilla rewilding activity.

This show does not endorse criminal activity. But it does, it does, it does.


Break Into The Aquarium is a show about the future of nature. How is humanity’s relationship with the wild changing? How are our choices today shaping the ecology of the coming decades and centuries?

Taking in guerilla rewilding projects, efforts to bring extinct species back from the dead, bio-activists seeking to leave messages in chicken DNA, urban evolution and Jean-Claude Van Damme’s plan to introduce rhinos to Australia, Break Into The Aquarium is a tour of possible futures for the wild.


Break Into The Aquarium was commissioned by Nesta and due to launch at FutureFest in March 2020 (before the virus). Hopefully I’ll be sharing it soon, in the flesh or digitally.