The Future of Nature

Over 2016-18, Jordan Prosser and I created CrimeForce: LoveTeam, our interactive police procedural about the murder of a boy band member in the year 2050.

That work, which premiered at Nesta’s FutureFest conference, allowed us to introduce audiences to the practice of scenario-building (one of the main tools in the arsenal of futures thinkers) through a playful performance.

the future: hopefully more documentaries about these guys.

The Future of Nature is a short solo show in a similar format to CrimeForce. Over 15 minutes, audiences make decisions in the present day that influence the future of nature documentaries.

A nature documentary tells a lot about the society it was made in. The animals being filmed tell us about climate and ecology, and how different species are valued. The way the documentary is filmed and presented tells us about media in the future is produced and consumed. So exploring the future of these documentaries provides an interesting lens through which to grapple with some of these issues.

I presented this work at one of Nesta’s Sparks Events in late 2018. I really enjoyed this piece, and I’d enjoy taking it further.

What really excites me about this one, though, is that it demonstrated how we might use this performance format and apply it to different content. The future of housing, of youth culture, of medical technology, of drone regulation… whatever it is, we can use this show as a playful interactive way to open up conversation about it.